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DC Urology Website Launch

April 24, 2017

We’re excited to announce the launch of the redesigned website for Urologic Surgeons of Washington. Dr. Jason Engel and the team at Fortris worked together to create one of the most comprehensive informational urologic practice websites available. Fortris worked with Dr. Engel to develop content for a multitude of urological conditions and treatments, create graphics and illustrations as well as editing and annotating video for several procedures. The website features a responsive custom design with content management system.

Fortris also works with Urologic Surgeons of Washington to improve their online visibility through Search Engine Optimization and other digital marketing strategies.

You can visit their website at: Urologic Surgeons of Washington

Western Neuro Website Launch

April 5, 2017

We are very proud to announce the launch of Western Neuro’s brand new responsive website with content management system. Western Neuro is a leading neurology and neurosurgery practice with 12 neurologists and neurosurgeons providing advanced care to their patients.

Fortris is also providing search engine optimization, graphic design and social media services to the practice. Visit them their website: Western Neur0, Tucson, AZ

Advanced Surgical Website Redesign

March 20, 2017

Advanced Surgical Associates in Springfield, NJ represents one of Fortris’ oldest customers and one for whom we have designed several websites. Today, we launched the unified ASA general and bariatric surgery website, combining two web properties into a comprehensive, responsive user-friendly single entity.

We are also working with ASA to produce an online seminar, provide photography and videography services as well as our longstanding relationship in Search Engine Optimization and social media management. Visit their website at: Advanced Surgical associates, New Jersey

SAMPA Website Launch

February 20, 2017

Fortris just launched the redesign of Surgical Association of Mobile’s responsive website with content management system. SAMPA was Fortris’ first bariatric surgery customer and remains so now, almost a decade later.

We have also worked with SAMPA on videography – specifically patient testimonials and an online seminar as well as search engine optimization, social media and more. Visit their website at: Surgical Association of Mobile, PA

Winthrop Bariatric Website Redesign Launch

December 5, 2016

December marks a milestone for the relationship between Fortris and Winthrop Surgical Associates. We recently completed the second redesign of the Winthrop Bariatrics website.  WSA is a leading surgical practice in Long Island, NY and their bariatric program is a leader in research and innovation.

Fortris is also working with Winthrop Bariatric on an online seminar as well as other video initiatives, graphic design, printing, content generation, search engine optimization and more. Visit their website at: Winthrop Bariatrics, Long Island, NY

Heart House New Jersey Website Launch

November 15, 2016

We are pleased to present The Heart House’s new website. As a leading cardiology and electrophysiology practice in Southern New Jersey, The Heart House needed a way to improve their digital marketing for their six locations and almost two dozen physicians. The result is a new, responsive website with content management system.

Fortris is also providing local and organic Search Engine Optimization, social media, graphic design and paid search services to the practice as part of a comprehensive marketing push. Visit their website at: The Heart House New Jersey

Google May Influence Elections

September 7, 2015

We all know the marketing powerhouse that is Search Engine Optimization. Within that sphere, there’s no bigger juggernaut than Google, owning over two-thirds of all web searches in the United States. But how far does Google’s influence reach?

Quite a bit it seems.

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Advanced Bariatric & Surgical Specialists

August 27, 2015

We’re very proud to announce the launch of Dr. Chang’s redesigned and rebranded website for Advanced Bariatric & Surgical Specialists. The new website combines Dr. Chang’s bariatric surgery experience with his general surgery services and the latest surgical treatments for GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. You can visit the new site here: Advanced Bariatric & Surgical Specialists




How Secure Is Your Website?

August 24, 2015

Hackers struck again – this time targeting the cheating website Ashley Madison. The personal, and very damaging, information of over 35 million people was exposed on the dark web (and now universally searchable). And while this revelation may feel more like karmic justice than a scary breach, it does show how our information is vulnerable to attack, even with all the assurances of secure websites. Web developers have a choice when approaching the security of their websites.

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Washington Heart Rhythm Associates Website Launch!

June 21, 2015

We are very excited to announce the launch of Dr. Peter Mofrad’s Washington Heart Rhythm Associates website. Dr. Mofrad has put together a heart rhythm resource with excellent written and visual content. Our goal was to present this resource in the most user-friendly chassis with responsive functionality for ideal user experience on mobile devices. Please visit the Washington Heart Rhythm website


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