Printing & Binding

Print has evolved significantly over the years, but as ink and paper costs have increased, the popularity of producing printed material has decreased. As a result, the printing industry has had to innovate, and practices have never had more options for their print work.

  • Offset Printing offers high quality print options, but it is also relatively expensive requiring significant press set up which makes it costly for volumes under 1000 pieces. Offset printing offers the richest, most vivid print quality available and is best suited to color critical jobs.
  • Gang Run Printing involves putting more than one job on a single press run. This may mean that a business card runs alongside a brochure or multiple jobs from multiple clients run together. While the quality of the impression is comparable to offset printing (if running on an offset press), color may vary up to 15%.
  • Digital Printing is best suited for smaller quantities and employs a process similar to that of a color copier – with higher resolution and much larger equipment. Pricing and turnaround time is significantly lower than that of offset printing since there is no need for traditional plating and comparable to gang run printing. Quality of the impression is somewhat diminished however.

No matter what machinery is used, employing an experienced print shop with a strong customer satisfaction policy is the key to getting the most out of your print.