Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing, or SMM, is an innovative form of relationship-based advertising utilizing blogs, social networking sites, video websites, forums and wikis to offer the average company or practice a direct line of communication with its patients, customers or clients. Indeed, it has revolutionized how businesses can communicate with their stakeholders by allowing for more personal and more targeted marketing. Social media marketing can become a low-cost and effective part of a company’s overall marketing plan with proper implementation.

Over 400 million people use Facebook alone. The sheer number of users, and the ability to tailor campaigns to people’s wants and needs with a professionally designed social media strategy, allows unparalleled results to fit any budget. Social media also offers search engine benefits as most major social media websites show up in search engine results. This in turn can drive traffic to your existing website. Other benefits include:

  • A low-cost way to communicate with patients, clients or customers.
  • A way to learn about their needs.
  • A direct line to a forum in which customers feel comfortable.
  • Quick feedback, and as a result, quick responses to that feedback.
  • A great source of market research.
  • A way to distribute news and information immediately, without the cost of postage.

Using social medial yields a whole host of business building benefits, but it can also mitigate negative feedback. If customers believe that they have an open line to the company, they may vent any disappointment on a controlled forum rather than one of the hundreds out there that the company doesn’t control.

The Bottom Line:

Any social media marketing campaign will take time because it relies on relationships. However, in the end, the goal of a social media marketing campaign is to bring you closer to the people that matter most in your business – your clients, customers or patients. In our opinion, social media marketing, as a significant part of a larger advertising campaign, is a wave of the future.